Dan Feltes



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Dan Feltes is always looking for the next thing he can tax. From an Income Tax on Granite State workers, to sponsoring over a quarter of a billion in new spending in the 2019 session alone, Dan Feltes is always looking out for himself and what makes him look good among his liberal peers. Dan's excessive, far-left agenda pushed him and his Democrat caucus over the edge with an unsustainable, bloated budget. Everything Dan has done with his Democrat control reeks of political opportunism, but he'll do the best he can to mislead the public.

Dan Feltes pushed for:

An Income Tax.

Over a Quarter Billion in New Spending in the 2019 Session.

A Bloated, Disastrous Budget.

Dan Feltes is pushing a far-left agenda that benefits him and his liberal allies.

Make your voice HEARD.

The Bottom Line?

Dan Feltes supports an income tax, higher business taxes, taxes on recreation, sees no limit to spending, and would rather push his partisan political agenda instead of working across the aisle to get the job done.

Dan Feltes fights for himself - not New Hampshire.